Student’s Code of Conduct

Every student enrolled for a program will comply with the Code of Conduct mentioned herein below. In the event of non-compliance of the same, Arena Animation reserves the right to suspend/debar/expel the student or cancel the admission and forfeit the amount paid towards the fees for the said course.

  1. All students shall observe decorum while attending the course.
  2. Students will be allowed to appear for exams only if their attendance is 75% or above.
  3. All students will abide by all the laws of the land and will not be involved in any act of turpitude either directly or indirectly.
  4. All students will observe all the rules related to the usage of the infrastructure of the Centre.
  5. All academic material provided by the Centre is for the exclusive use of the student only and the same should not be transferred or sold to any other person/student.
  6. All students will submit attested copies of the following documents at the time of admission:
    1. All educational certificates
    2. Residential address proof—permanent and current
    3. Educational / Study Visa and Valid Passport (Foreign nationals only)
    4. Copy of registration certificate issued by respective country’s Foreigners’ Registration authority (Foreign nationals only)
  7. Students are requested to collect their Computer generated Aptrack booking confirmation from the counsellors and make the fee payment as per the schedule prescribed.
  8. All fees are due on or before the 10th of every month. After this period, a prescribed amount will be charged as Late Fee for each day till the payment is remitted.
  9. Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  10. If the fees is not paid on or before the last day of the specific month, the student shall be termed as a financial dropout and would not be allowed to attend any classes.
  11. A student cannot downgrade a course once enrolled but can upgrade based on company policies.
  12. Placement assistance facility is available to a student pursuing eligible course with Arena Animation. The eligibility criteria will vary based on company terms & conditions for the said Job Role at that point of time.
  13. Every student who is eligible for placements will get a minimum of 3 interview opportunities. It is then totally at the discretion of the center to organize further interviews for students who have got more than 3 opportunities. The center will
    organize for interviews and it is the responsibility of the student to attend such interviews failing which each interview will be counted as one lost opportunity.
  14. During the tenure of the course if the student gets self-placed, he / she would have to sign an undertaking regarding payment of balance course fees (the undertaking format is available with the respective centre).
  15. It is compulsory for the student to submit “Placement Testimonial” within 3 days of self-placement.
  16. All certificates to be issued only after receipt of full payment
  17. Placements eligibility includes:
    1. Student must be registered as per prevailing norms to be eligible for placement facility
    2. Academic qualification proof as per the job requirement
    3. Student must be less than 25 years of age at the time of completing the program
  18. The selection and rejection of a candidate would be solely at the discretion of the participating organizations.
  19. Students Enrolled in Onlinevarsity enabled courses; would be given access to Onlinevarsity.
  20. Students need to provide proper/correct email address and mobile number for access to Onlinevarsity.
  21. Content published on Onlinevarsity will be at the sole discretion of Aptech Ltd
  22. Students participating in any kind of events/activities/competitions etc. on Onlinevarsity will be the student’s own decision. Aptech Ltd. shall not be responsible for any damage/loss of information/data of the student caused due to this.
  23. Access to content for Onlinevarsity and Content availability will be at the sole discretion of Aptech Ltd.
  24. Students are advised to instantly collect receipts for the payments made and ensure that the details of fee payment is uploaded by the centre on the Aptrack Portal. Aptrack receipts are the only conclusive evidence that the student has paid fees.
  25. In the case of University course,
    1. The examinations will be conducted as per the schedule fixed by the University;
    2. The period within which results are to be declared will be decided by the University;
    3. The certificate may be awarded by the University as per the norms and process followed by the University.
    4. Payments to be made as per requirement of University
  26. Policy on Re-sits
    1. It is imperative that the student takes up the trimester-end/semesterend/module end/year-end examination along with his/ her batch on the scheduled date.
    2. Under exceptional circumstances like illness/demise in the family etc. and after the student concerned proves the same, he/she will be allowed to take up the next immediate exam, without payment of re-sit fees. If he/she misses this chance, then he/she becomes a case for “Re-sit” in all other cases, if a student remains absent from the schedule d examination, he/she becomes a case for re-sit. Are-sit student shall pay the requisite re-sit fees in order to appear for the next immediate examination.
    3. If the student does not attempt or remains absent for three consecutive exams, then the student shall pay Rs. 1000/- to get himself/herself registered along with the re-sit fee of Rs. 500/- and shall be given one chance at the next exam date. Also then, if he/she does not attempt or remains absent, the student will be considered an Audit Student who can continue to attend classes for the course enrolled for. Upon request, a student will be awarded a certificate of participation provided he/she clears the internals for the period of study at the centre, else the student will be issued only a letter of attendance.
    4. If a student, due to his/her own negligence, does not finish the project on time (as per the schedule for the trimester/semester/year), then he/she gets “Referred” in the trimester/semester/year and thus become a case for re-sit. He/she shall have to pay the requisite re-sit fees and complete the project, successfully, for the next immediate exam; if not completed successfully, he/she shall again pay the re-sit fees.
    5. If a student fails to clear the module/paper/project/trimester/semester year within the total of three consecutive attempts, then he/she can continue the course as an ‘Audit student’ who can attend the classes for the course enrolled for. Upon request, an Audit student may be issued a ‘Certificate of Participation’ of study at the Centre.
    6. The ‘missed exam’ for a valid reason shall be counted towards the total of 3 consecutive attempts.
    7. Minimum Pass Percentage for any exam module or component can be dynamic for every curriculum and at the discretion of H.O.
  27. Student can have a backlog of one trimester/semester only i.e. he/she must PASS the trimester/semester-one exam before he/she attempts the trimester/semester two exam with the three consecutive chances as explained above; else he/she becomes a case for an ‘Audit student’.

  28. Break in Course
    1. Students are permitted to take a break only as per the following policy:-
      1. One-year course – 1 break
      2. Two-year course – 2 breaks
      3. Three-year course – 3 breaks
    2. A break is given for a maximum period of 15 days in one year. The breaks cannot be carried forward if it is not taken within the specified time. e.g. If a student enrolls for a one and half year course and does not take break in first year then he/she would be eligible for only 15 days of break of his remaining time in the course i.e. A written request for a break is to be addressed to the Centre Head for approval, stating the reason and the date of rejoining. In case the student does not join back on the given date, then a grace period of 10 sessions, including theory and practical sessions is given, failing which he/she will be considered an academic drop out and no claim for refund of fees will be entertained. In case a student wishes to rejoin, please refer to Para 7(b). The break will be allowed only on a valid reason given by the student and is subject to approval of the Centre Head. However, during the break period, the student will have to continue his fee payments regularly. Otherwise he/she will be treated as a financial drop out and will be governed by the rule explained in section 6.
    3. In the event of rejoining, if the student joins the same batch, he/she will have to cover up the missed lectures and the lab sessions on his/her own. He/she may complete the missed practical sessions by booking extra time in the lab subject to availability.
    4. Break will be given after completion of the module and payment of fee.
  29. Retention of Student Records: The management (Centre/Head offices) shall not be responsible for maintaining a student’s record after one year of completion of the course enrolled for. It is also applicable for any alliance the student is attached to.
  30. Centre reserves the right to expel the student from the course joined, on observation of any unrespectable conduct or practice by the student at Center and Fees will be forfeited no certificate will be issued.
  31. Student can mail their queries or grievances to belagavi@arena-animations.com
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