Corel Draw

Corel Draw

Software program for editing vector graphics. Vector graphics are created in graphics packages and consist of objects. Each object can be edited separately, meaning that the shape, colour, size and position can be changed. Developed by Ottawa-based software company, Corel, CorelDraw, styled CorelDRAW, allows users to to do things like add special effects such as borders to images, in addition to allowing for contrast adjustment, colour balancing and more.One of the handy features of the software is that it can also work with multiple layers and multiple pages.


10+2 (Any stream) / undergraduates /
graduates / working professionals

Course Duration

1 months
(2 hours a day for 3 days a week)
(Complete this course quickly
by attending extra hours of classes)

Tools and Technology

Career Options

Digital artist


Media artist


DTP artist




CNC operators

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